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 ♥ Failed Genius
 ♥ Passion Pursued
 ♥ Expensive Stress
 ♥ Power Claimed
 ♥ Fear Faced
 ♥ Business Grows
 ♥ Act As If
 ♥ Desired Results

                  Everyone is gifted in some unique way
                  Only by doing what we love can we achieve
                  our magnificent best.

Failed Genius

Situation – Mike introduced himself as a 55 year old failure about to retire.
He didn’t know what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

Problem – What Mike didn’t know was that he was a creative right-brain
intuitive generalist. This is why he had had so much difficulty functioning
in the logical left-brain world of analytical specialists that had been his
profession. It’s no wonder he felt dumb and inadequate most of his life.

Solution – Learning to access his inner wisdom, which he had never known
existed, Mike discovered a doorway to his special strengths and talents.

Result – Mike felt like a new man. Retirement turned into an exciting journey
of discovery. Soon he found his calling as a massage therapist.

Question –   Are you taking advantage of your unique gifts and talents?
Are you helping your family and employees do so?

                  You already know 90% of what you seek.
                  The challenge lies in asking astute questions
                  that cut through confusion and resistance.

Passion Pursued

Situation – Recognized as an expert in her field, Ellen kept putting off the book
she yearned to write.

Problem – As a consultant in an ultra-conservative industry, Ellen hid …
especially from herself … how much she was really a revolutionary at heart.
Fearing loss of business if her seemingly radical ideas were known and
rejected, she soft-peddled what she deeply believed would help companies
achieve higher levels of excellence and achievement.

Solution – Once Ellen acknowledged her special gifts and well-researched
expertise, we found a way for her to test the waters of opinion in a few speeches

Result – She was astounded at the enthusiastic response. People asked to
buy her book, which had not yet been written. Her business grew.

Question –  

Who in your life has the time and ability to ask
astute clarifying questions that stimulate innovative,
transformative thinking?

                     Problems are opportunities.
                     Shortcomings can be strengths.
                     A change of perspective makes progress possible.

Expensive Stress

Situation – David was concerned about his health and his business. Every
day, by mid-afternoon, this hard charging advertising executive felt drained
and exhausted, unable to be creative and effective with consistent ease.

Problem – It was costing him billable hours.

Solution – All it took was a single session for David to learn how to husband his
energies and pace himself, so he could remain imaginative and efficient all
day long.

Result – Two weeks later David called to say he had added an extra two hours
to his day. He was accomplishing more in less time, and enjoying life better
than ever.

Question –   If you could increase your productivity 10-to-20%,
how would you use the free time or extra income?

                  “What would you attempt to do if you knew
                    you could not fail?” – Robert Schuller

Power Claimed

Situation – Tina was so smart and capable people said she “walked on water.”
That was the problem. No one … but Tina … knew she could do better.
She didn’t know how to access this unrecognized, unexpressed potential.

Problem – It turned out Tina lacked internal permission to be powerful and
assertive … a problem many women share.

Solution – Once we dealt with the reasons for her lack of permission,
she loved the games and experiences we devised to allow her to “practice”
being potent, impressive and compelling.

Result – Connecting power to capacity, within a year Tina started a business,
wrote a book, and found her calling as Success Consultant.

Question –   Are you having difficulty finding the real solution
to an important problem?

                 Progress is faster, and easier, when we have
                 the valuable assistance of astute, caring people.

Fear Faced

Situation – Surgery was essential. Carol was terrified. Without immediate
assistance she knew she would not follow through.

Problem – The issue was deeply rooted in childhood experiences.
She couldn’t face those fears alone.

Solution – Once Carol fully confronted those long buried apprehensions, she
broke through to a place of deep inner peace. I then taught her how to
effectively manage her fearful thoughts and so maintain her newly found
sense of inner calm and confidence under stress.

Result – Without fear, surgery was a snap. The doctors were astounded at
her jovial mood and rapid recovery. Carol had learned how to take charge
of her life and be the powerful person she always wanted to be.

Question –  Do you know how to find the gifts hidden within
the challenges in your life?

                “Unless we change our direction, we are likely
                  to end up where we are we are headed.”
Chinese Proverb

Business Grows

Situation – Earning her living as a full time Massage Therapist for the past
5 years, Lynne knew the time was ripe to expand her business.

Problem – From prior experience, she knew the process should be easy,
so why wasn’t it happening?

Solution – Tapping into her intuitive inner wisdom, where all best answers
reside, we clarified that this was not a marketing problem. The underlying
issue turned out to be a dissatisfying relationship. Just as Lynne was holding
herself back from asking for what she wanted from the man in her life, she
was refusing to be assertive in the business arena as well.

Result – Two weeks later Lynne called to say that, even though we had never
discussed business, it was taking off fast.

Question –  Are you looking in the wrong place for the right solution?

                “We cannot become what we need to be
                 by remaining what we are”
Max DePree

Act As If

Situation – As Director of Human Resources for 20 years, Jackie had a great
deal of public speaking experience.

Problem – Why, then, did she feel so stomach-churning afraid to make this
particular presentation?

Solution – The best way to break through debilitating fear is to pretend the
worst is actually happening. Role playing allowed Jackie to pre-experience
the anger she
anticipated her very bad news would generate, so she could
learn how to handle
whatever might happen.

Result – All nervousness was gone when the big day arrived. The managers
unexpectedly accepted her upsetting news with calm equanimity.

Question –    What do you do when anxiety and fear stop you cold
or undermine your good intentions?

                “Whatever you can do, or believe you can, begin it.
                  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”
– Goethe

Desired Results

Situation – What’s happening in your life where it would be mighty helpful
to have capable, caring support?

Problem – Are you stressed, anxious, confused, upset, fearful?
Do you lack personal power, clarity of thinking, the ability to achieve?
Are you unhappy at work? Is there disharmony in the family? Or, as good as
things are, do you know they could be a lot better, easier, more fun?

Solution – Whatever the challenge, whatever the goal or unmet need, it can
significantly speed and ease the resolution process to work with someone
who has been there and knows how to lead others through, to breakthrough.

Result – Every problem resolved, every fear released, every dream pursued,
every goal achieved, brings a deeper sense of wellbeing. A permanent state
of joy, peace and love is truly possible for those who make it a priority

Question –   Are you ready to explore how a Potentialist might help you
achieve your heart’s desire?

    All it takes is a 10 minute phone call to discover
    how a Potentialist might be of service: 703-262-0620.