About Ann

Psychology, business, metaphysics, spirituality, energy healing …
personal transformation, spiritual awakening, global evolution …
inner peace, personal power, achieving one’s potential …
these are my primary interests, passions and strengths.

Business Experience

Several successful teenage ventures wet my appetite for business, which I
studied in college.  During my years at Xerox Corp.I consistently won
awards in sales, training and program design.  I then founded a company
that introduced a unique new marketing concept later adopted by the
Training & Consulting Industry. 
Then my life fell apart.

Personal Experience

By my late teens, ever-worsening inner pain led me to create two life goals:
to find inner peace and discover how the world really works.  After marriage
and babies, depression and dysfunction took hold with increasing tenacity.
The added stress of starting a new business led to a bad case of burnout.   

As I learned how to let go of a past that bound me to incessant suffering,
inner pain healed and I was able to claim my personal power.  In the
process I discovered I was a gifted problem-solving facilitator and healer. 

Unique Approach

These experiences led to my combining my interests in business and psychology.
What was needed, I realized, was a “whole person” approach that addressed
all possible impinging factors: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual,
professional knowledge and basic life management skills.    

Business owners found themselves resolving problems with greater ease,
often without talking about business at all.  People still stuck despite years of
growth and change were able to finally release undermining root causes. 
Those already experiencing success and satisfaction found themselves
flying higher with greater ease.