1973-1980 – Sales, Training & Program Design – Xerox Corporation

One of the first women in the country to become a Sales Rep. for a

Fortune 500 company.  In the top 10% of  their 7000-person sales force every year.  Designed award-winning training program.

1980-1983 – Small Business Owner

Introduced a unique new concept for marketing the services of trainers and

consultants, one that later became an industry standard.

1983-1986 – Graphic Writing  

During a period when I was too ill to work, I created “Graphic Writing,” a written formatting system that speeds reading, improves comprehension, and facilitates remembering.  The principles were later adopted by the advertising industry. 

1986-1987 – A series of less than satisfactory jobs

Gained experience with dishonesty, mismanagement, ego-driven ineptitude.

1988- Present – Potentialist

Found my niche doing what I love, utilizing my gifts as a teacher, healer,

facilitator and guide.  I awaken hidden potential, release trapped genius,

show you how to be the best, the beautiful truth, of who you really are. 

1996- Ongoing – Life-Altering Shift in Consciousness

Called to India by an enlightened being who set me on the spiritual path. 
Experience ever deepening connection with self and Source, sharing my experiences so others may benefit and blossom as well. 


2004-2014 – Joy Car

Spread joy and happiness to untold thousands just by driving around – in my

bright white, multi-colored polka dotted car, blowing bubbles out the back. 



2013 – Forevermore – Living Life as a Wonderful Adventure

Continue to experience ever greater peace and joy as my everyday norm,

sharing my experiences so others may benefit and blossom as well. 

Education: Skidmore College – BS in Business
Independent Study:  Psychology, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Energy Healing

Published: Miracles Made Easy – fun read about how to create miracles
Tithing – A Way of Life – how we benefit from our generosity

References: Client Comments – insights about Ann’s strengths
Client Stories – the kinds of results you can expect