Our focus is on the deep inner peace that enables you to relax and heal,
release and rejuvenate. thus making you more powerful, comfortable and
effective in all you do. Less stress means better health, sharper thinking,
greater capacity, delicious accomplishments.

Our focus is on unconditional love, the kind that heals and nurtures.
When you love yourself fully and completely, suffering disappears,
fear loses its power, possibilities become easier to create, joy the norm.

We create a momentary community of mutual support, where everyone
shares their gifts and strengths and learns from one another. It’s a time to
explore new thinking, practice new skills, discover some wonderfulness.

What to Expect

Every session is different, so expect the unexpected … knowing you will be
in a super safe space, surrounded by caring people, supported by decades
of experience.

Healing takes place on multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual. You choose when and how to participate. In general, expect:

♥  Energetic healing – assists physical health and emotional releasing.
Seeding the subconscious – introduces positive messages that unravel
erroneous beliefs and long-standing resistance. 
Intuitive Guidance – messages are shared when Inner Wisdom speaks.
Conversation – a theme often presents itself that serves us all.


Themes & Topics

What do we talk about and explore? A range of subjects that focus on:

 Loving Yourself Well, Healing to Wholeness

 Experiencing Inner Peace

 Potentials Releasing Tips & Techniques

 Creating the Fabulous Future that is Truly Possible

 Exploring the Spiritual, Applying Metaphysical Principles

 Global Evolution, Shifts in Consciousness


Reciprocal Receiving

The more we acknowledge gifts received, the more we benefit. 
When we allow ourselves to feel good at having needs satisfied,
we’re more likely to ask for, and accept, more of what we want.

The more we tangibly reward those who enable our receiving … now or
that it’s on the way … the easier it becomes to hold on to what we’ve gained
and open ourselves further to even more exciting potential possibilities.

The more goodness we pass on, back and forth, the stronger and better
everyone feels and functions – giver and receiver. This is how life works,
when its allowed to work perfectly. It’s a reciprocal process. The more you
acknowledge and reward, the easier you make it for the giver to give even
more – to you and everyone else. The more we give, the more we get –
immediately and later.

We ask for a donation based on the principles of “Reciprocal Receiving.”” –
commensurate with gifts received – actual and potential. To understand why
this is important to your process, read the short pamphlet, “Tithing – A Way
of Life” atMiraclesMadeEasy.com, and “How I Charge” at AnnMcGill.com.


Helpful to Know

♥ Dress Comfortably –it’s easier to relax when clothing doesn’t restrict.

♥ Tea & Light Snacks provided – you’re free to bring something to share.

♥ Bring a Friend – for there often occurs something to talk about after.

♥ Events start on time – come early because it’s disruptive to be late.


Resident Staff

Ann McGill has been a Potentialist for over 25 years. She’s gifted at
removing the blocks holding you back, tuning you in to your power, and
accessing unknown strengths. Ann is also the founder of the Healing Love
Energy Center, where she uses her natural healing skills on the
subconscious mind,
for emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening.

Nadine Hanson is a Master Energy Healer extraordinaire. She brings
a quiet, soothing gentleness to the process of listening to what your
body and soul most want and need. Hardly anyone leaves without noting
improvement, while astonishing results are quite common.


About Energy Healing

Modern Western medicine knows about the blood and nervous system. 
Ancient Eastern healing arts know about auras and energy fields. 
We need both for optimum health and wellbeing. One uses machines to
detect, chemicals to cure. Others see, feel, hear, or intuitively sense
a different set of powerful truths about the body and what it needs.

Energy work is often accompanied by touching or massaging appropriate
parts of the body. Some people do it without physical contact, and even at a

That we have an energy field, and how healthily it is functioning, can readily
be demonstrated through Kinesiological testing. It takes only a few minutes
and just about everyone finds it fascinating to have such corroborative proof.

Ask for a demonstration, a personal experience, if you are not familiar with
the concept.


About Seeding the Subconscious

Much of what we think and believe does not reach the level of ordinary
consciousness, yet it determines much of what we do.

It is impossible to grow up without a whole bunch of erroneous beliefs and
other inaccuracies cluttering our minds. This is a prime source for
unhappiness and resistance to taking loving good care of ourselves.

It’s easier than you might think to communicate with the subconscious and
give it an opportunity to rethink things through. You are awake and aware,
in charge of the experience. I’ve not known anyone who wasn’t glad for the informative conversation.

About Intuitive Guidance

Inner Guidance is everyone’s BirthRight. Anyone can learn, some are
more innately talented than others. It’s hearing the Voice of Inner Wisdom,
Spirit, Life, God, you’re favorite teacher on the ethereal planes. It’s allowing,
not doubting.