Healing Love

Energy Center


We are a Birthing Center
for those who want to Claim their BirthRight
to be the beautiful being they were always meant to be.

We are a Healing Center.
All aspects of self are attended to:

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual; and more.

We are a Communications Center,
a resource for information about quantum-leap healing,
global evolution, spiritual awakening; and more.

We are a place for beginners to explore, novices to practice,
the experienced to share, everyone to learn and grow and relish

the process.

We are a Mutual Support Community
in its very first stages of demonstrating what’s possible,
inviting lots more players to join the fun.  It’s most rewarding. 

Our name describes our Essence.   Love heals.  This is our focus.
The more we let in, the faster, the better, we heal and achieve.

Peace is the doorway to love.  Where we initially focus our attention. 
The greater the Inner Peace, the easier life becomes. 

Joy is the result.  Gladness for what’s unfolding, the rewards of 
breaking through barriers and creating preferred possibilities. 

This is our BirthRight to choose, to claim.
Healing Love Energy Center practitioners show you how. 

Are you game?  Interested? 
Wanna get more out of life?  Enjoy more?  Live your potential?  

Something standing in your way? 
Got a question, chasing a challenge, simply curious?

There are several ways to explore.
Talk with Ann McGill – Potentialist and Founder:  703-262-0620.
Visit www.AnnMcGill.com.  Email Potentialist@AnnMcGill.com.
Attend an IMMERSION event in Reston, VA.   


Resident Staff

Ann McGill has been a Potentialist for over 25 years and now serves
as a MidWife of Consciousness.  She’s gifted at removing the blocks
holding you back, tuning you in to your power, and accessing unknown
strengths.  Ann is also the founder of the Healing Love Energy Center,
where she uses her natural healing skills on the subconscious mind,
for emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening. 

Nadine Hanson is a Master Energy Healer extraordinaire.   She
brings a quiet, soothing gentleness to the process of listening to what
your body and soul most want and need.  Hardly anyone leaves without
noting improvement, while astonishing results are quite common.