About Bucky

R. Buckminster Fuller – visionary, futurist, inventor, designer – is best known as the inventor of the geodesic dome, the most cost-effective structure ever devised. … Einstein said Bucky was the only person able to make practical use of his Theory of Relativity. Even Einstein hadn’t been able to figure that out.

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Morphogenetic Fields # 1 – “The 100th Monkey”

Scientists studying monkeys on several islands off Japan in the 1950’s observed a phenomenon never seen before.  Dropping sweet potatoes by plane, they noticed a young female wash off the gritty sand and dirt in a nearby stream.  This was a brand new behavior.  Something monkeys did not normally do.  Read more…

Morphogenetic Fields # 2 – Unstoppable Change

Have you read Morphogenetic Fields #1 – “The 100th Monkey”? This article elaborates on that fascinating explanation.

We tend to think of growth and change as evolving over time. Change is, in fact, often sudden and dramatic. … The more people holding a similar vision or intention, the ever-more magnified each little additional thoughtful input becomes.

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Morphogenetic Fields # 3 – “Decaf Please” – The 1% Rule

Once an idea is held by 1% of the population, it becomes unstoppable. Why is that? … If you’ve read the first two articles in this series about Morphogenetic Fields, it will be easy to understand why the ideas and actions of single individual can make a big difference.

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