An Experiment in

“Reciprocal Receiving”

Ann McGill – Potentialist

What – Why?

There are aspects of life’s journey we simply cannot navigate on our own.
I believe money should not determine who gets supported and who doesn’t.
Everyone deserves life-enhancing guidance and assistance. For this reason,
I’ve set aside 20% of my practice for those who can’t afford my full fee.

My goal is to find a way to charge for my services that is fair to me
while meeting the needs of those who cannot afford the full fee.
The only way I know to discover better ways of doing things is to experiment.

Guiding Principles

Long ago I learned the value of tithing, and have been living these principles
ever since. The short pamphlet “Tithing – A Way of Life” quickly explains
why it’s in your best interests to reciprocate appropriately. It can be
downloaded for free at


Those who request the sliding scale fee option will find that the ensuing
discussion can lead to a better understanding of Universal Principles
and how to create greater abundance
in one’s life.

Here’s What I’m Up Against

Super popular author Stephen King invited readers to establish the price
they would pay for his next best seller. The experiment was a financial flop,
proving that most people are unwilling to pay a fair price for what they

This next true story took place many years ago. Hotel guests kept
complaining the Elevators were Slow. Upgrading would cost $100,000.
A consultant suggested hanging mirrors next to each elevator, since people
love to admire and look at themselves. The keep-them-preoccupied solution
worked beautifully, yet management balked at the $10,000 consulting fee.

But it took you only 10 minutes,” was their rationale.

But it took it took me a whole lot of years to accumulate the expertise that
enabled me to see such a simple solution,
” was the consultant’s reply.

Save someone $90,000 and they’re still not happy, willing to be justly
generous. Most people determine value based on perceived effort
rather than actual facts and benefits received.

Here’s What You’re Up Against

As many therapists and others have discovered, when people receive
services for free, or at hugely reduced rate, they rarely benefit to
nearly the same extent as those who pay an appropriate amount.
Lack of upfront investment undermines a person’s ability to receive.
When we don’t value soemthing, we the motivation to take full advantage
of what’s being offered.

Statistically, people with higher incomes contribute a much smaller
percentage than those who earn substantially less. The more people have,
the better off they are, the more difficult they find it to share their good
fortune.  Now isn’t that interesting. 

You Benefit When

It is a Law of the Universe, the more we give the more we receive.

The more generously you express your gratitude for the work we have done,
the more generously you will somehow be rewarded.

The lower the dollar value you place on our work together, the more it
undermines your ability to achieve and receive what’s truly possible.

Read “Tithing – A Way of Life” for a succinct explanation of how the principle
of reciprocity works:

Questions to Consider

How willing are you to reciprocate and support my needs as well as I am
supporting yours? How willing are you to financially stretch towards
making optimum results possible?… because that is what I am doing for you.

How much can you afford on a weekly or monthly basis?

Are you willing to continue making payments after our work together
is done? Until you feel I have been fairly compensated, based upon what
your financial reality makes possible?

Facts to Consider

It often takes time for results to become clear and obvious. It can be weeks, months, or a couple of years later before the overall benefits of a little tweaking or big breakthrough become evident, fully understood, truly appreciated. 

Sessions usually take 1 ½ hours. I spend an additional 30-60 minutes
before and after each session preparing and reviewing.


If you are unable to afford my standard rates, are you willing to pay fair value
for benefits received and progress achieved based on current and future
capacity to reward and reciprocate?

If you are able to afford my fees, would you like to avail yourself of the discount option for 3 or 10 session commitments?