Power Play!

Intreresting, informative, experiential fun
The program tunes you in to your personal power, 
builds confidence and self-esteem.  

How much Personal Power we have determines how we live our lives,
the choices we make and what we are able to accomplish.  Power Play!
helps you access your true potential for creating the future you prefer to live.      

Anyone can become more powerful.  It’s a matter of wanting and willingness,  plus the kind of knowledge and self-awareness this program promotes.  The series focuses on four primary sources of power:       

Mental Power Thoughts have the power to help or hinder, undermine or enable.  Other people’s thoughts can affect us more than we know.  Not only is it important to think positively, but to learn how to protect ourselves from other people’s negativity. 

Physical Power Many people don’t realize that we can use physical body postures to stimulate shifts in attitude and help us tap into inner strengths.  Whatever we want to accomplish, it’s so much easier when we’re physically supporting our intentions.    

Emotional Power How you’re feeling right now affects what happens next.  Since feelings are a matter of choice, we can learn how to lift ourselves out of undermining depressive states into the far more empowering energies of joy, peace and love.   

Energetic Power The more grounded and centered we are, the stronger we are.  Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.  Raise your energy frequency and you automatically feel and function better.  

The program series can be adapted to just Teens or Mothers & Daughters.                 For information contact  Ann McGill – Potentialist at 703-262-0620                             or visit www.AnnMcGill.com

When you’re tuned in to your personal power you become
stronger, smarter, happier, better able.