Ann McGill – Potentialist

Explore Possibilities
Discussion Options
30-45 minutes

What’s on your mind? This is your time, to spend as you wish.
Or, if you like, here are some suggestions of subjects we might explore.


Stress reduction techniques. How to quiet the mind.
How to quickly turn off an over-active mind and relieve undo physical and
psychological stress so we can think and function more effectively

The power of thought to create (or undermine).
A demonstration of the power of positive and negative thought to affect
emotions and personal power, and thus the results you create.

The bigger the goal the easier to achieve …
The “Rubber Band Theory” of Structural Tension
Hard to believe?  That’s why you need a demonstration, so you can
conceptually recognize this truth for yourself, and then apply it to your life.

Kinesiology testing for yes/no answers (Needs prior knowledge)
A most useful tool, when you want to know what you’re really thinking,
feeling and wanting.  It can help you determine if something is a bad or
good idea, and help you make decisions faster and more confidently.

Check Up – Tune Up
a – How tuned in to your power are you?
b – Are you well grounded?
c – Are you physically balanced at the moment?
Any or all of this can be physically-viscerally-kinesthetically demonstrated. 

How to access Inner Wisdom. (Needs prior knowledge)
After determining what you already know, we’ll identify what you’re ready
to learn now, next.  We make much better decisions and life works a lot
more smoothly when we allow our Inner Wisdom to serve and guide.

The importance of gratitude.
Gratitude greases the wheels of life, making it far more likely we’ll receive
more of what we most want.  In time it becomes a truly uplifting

The magical power of compliments to change people’s lives. 
Who in your life needs a boost of self-esteem?  To feel more confident
and capable?  This discussion could make you a far more positively
effective contributor to another person’s well-being. 

“Empowering Questions” (Needs prior knowledge)
A fabulous tool for those willing to apply it long term.  A way to access
and inform the subconscious that bypasses most resistance.  A way to
speed and smooth the process of growth and change and improvement,
the development of new behaviors, and the successful achievement of
challenging goals.   

What is a miracle?.  Why don’t we experience more of them?  Can
everyone really learn to create them?  Why don’t people talk about
miracles more, if they really are a lot more prevalent than we realize?

The Spiritual.
What’s the difference between spirituality and religion?  How do you
pray?  What is God?  What are some other names for God?  How do
these alternative names alter one’s understanding of God?  How do you
tune in to Cosmic Forces, Higher Power, the God Within?  Got a
question?  Something you’ve been wondering about?  Or do you simply
want to deepen your experience and sense of connection?