Morphogenetic Fields # 1 – “The 100th Monkey”

Scientists studying monkeys on several islands off Japan in the 1950’s observed a phenomenon never seen before.  Dropping sweet potatoes by plane, they noticed a young female wash off the gritty sand and dirt in a nearby stream.  This was a brand new behavior.  Something monkeys did not normally do. 

As they continued keeping tabs on what was happening among the monkeys on the various islands, they saw the young monkey teach her friends how to make the potatoes more readily edible.  Her playmates then taught their Mothers, who passed the lesson on to their other offspring.

Once a tiny portion of the population had become potato-washers, the most incredible event occurred.  Simultaneously, in a single day, nearly all the monkeys adopted the new behavior even though they had not been previously exposed to it.  Even more phenomenal was the fact that all the monkeys on the other islands also began washing their potatoes before eating, though there had been zero contact in which to learn the new behavior.

The “100th Monkey” Phenomenon” describes the sudden shift in group consciousness that takes place when just one more person thinks the same new thought or enacts a new behavior.  The energy field is sufficiently strengthened so that there is an immediate shift in thinking, believing and behaving in almost everyone. 

Consider.  Every thought you think, every action you take, helps to build a morphogenetic field.  Morphogenetic fields trigger major change.  The question is, which, or how many of your thoughts and deeds strengthen (or undermine) the creation of the better world in which you prefer to live?

Footnote: I recently learned this may not be a true story.  I pass it on because it so clearly explains how Morphogenetic Fields work.  If anyone has further information, of course I would be interested in hearing.

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