Morphogenetic Fields # 3 – “Decaf Please” – The 1% Rule

Lunching with my Mother some 20 years ago, she requested a cup of decaffeinated coffee.  “But Mom,” I protested, “you know restaurants only serve regular.
They don’t have decaffeinated.” 

“They will, when enough people ask,” was the lesson I learned that day.  Not only is it now considered normal to offer a choice between regular or decaffeinated, most restaurants now serve teaas well.  While my Mother was the only one I knew doing so, obviously she was not alone in making her preferences known.  I don’t think there’s a single food establishment that doesn’t offer decaffeinated coffee these days, and now most give you a choice of herbal teas as well. 

Scientists and spiritualists are in agreement.  Once an idea is held by 1% of the population, it becomes unstoppable.  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, says it takes only 1% of a population to experience a shift in consciousness, for all to be similarly affected.  We’re not talking about how quickly, just that it will happen.  Examples include the abolishment of slavery, women getting the vote, and eliminating second hand cigarette smoke. 

Many years ago my Mother’s simple action demonstrated how single individuals can help create the better world they prefer to enjoy.

What simple action might you take? — that would, when combined with many more doing the same thing, change things for the better in some small way?

This 3-part series  on Morphogenetic Fields explains how a very small group of people can truly have an enormous impact on the course of history.