Ann McGill – Potentialist

Principles & Practices


You Have Your Own Answers

You already have the answers to probably 90% of what you want to know.  Deep within, if not more easily accessible, are the answers to most of your questions … about who you are and what you want, what holds you back and how to release those blocks. 

Nearly everyone needs facilitating assistance at one time or another, if we are to
access deeply held information.  It’s impossible to be totally objective about
ourselves.  My role is to ask astute questions that facilitate the thinking through process.  When you are open to new ways of seeing and thinking, sound solutions
automatically begin to surface.

Process Dictates … Not the Clock

I find that the typical 50-minute consulting hour actually slows the process of creating
desired change. 

If work stops before breakthrough is reached, it takes extra time the next session to
review and restart.  Should major resistances be operating, now aware of how we
got around them last time, they know how to put up new and better defenses.  
Leaving unresolved issues dangling, to be dealt with later, risks their growing more
complicated and convoluted.   

For these all reasons, I allow the process to dictate how long a session lasts, not the
clock.  It makes the process far more cost-effective for the client.  In most instances
I find an hour and a half about right. 

Faster is Easier and More Cost-Effective

When too much time passes between sessions, constructive momentum cannot be
maintained.  Issues accumulate, confusion and complexity grows, time is lost trying
to get back on track, moving forward again.  The most efficient and effective
approach is to meet often enough to keep positive momentum reinforced and growing. 

Resistance is to be Expected

It’s important to remember that resistance is natural.  The resistance was originally
established for positive purpose, as a protective mechanism.  Degree of resistance
does not determine final results.  What’s important is a person’s willingness to work
through their resistances and roadblocks. 

Nudge – Never Force

One of the duties of a facilitator is to keep progress happening.  Being that
resistance to change is a natural human condition, and there are often fearful blocks
of a long-standing nature, the facilitator sometimes needs to nudge the process
along.  Note the use of the term “nudge”, which is very different from pressure
or force. 

It is counterproductive to push a client against their readiness to proceed, for it only
stiffens their unconscious resolve to resist.  It hooks protective mechanisms into
overreacting, rather than allowing these mechanisms to learn more effective ways
of accomplishing their protective roles.  Which is why it’s important to inform the facilitator if you start to feel uncomfortable. 

You’re in Charge – You Control the Spigot

Human ego’s have a need to be in control.  If they’re not in charge, they don’t feel
safe, so put up defenses that will actually hold you back and slow you down,
keeping you  from achieving what you want. 

In an effort to move at optimum speed, I may try to move you along faster than you’re
ready.  No problem.  Just speak up and we’ll slow things down, taking however many
steps are appropriate for you.  The only way you can continue to feel safe and secure
is to keep me informed about how you’re feeling, if you get upset, need a break. 
You are in charge of the spigot.  You determine what, and how much we do, when.
Only you know how much change and goodness you can handle how quickly. 

You’re OK – There’s Nothing to Fix

There is nothing “wrong” that needs to be “fixed”, repaired or cured.  At the deepest
level of your being you are already perfect, whole and complete.  You are as Spirit
made you.  To realize this truth about your inner essence, misperceptions and
limiting beliefs must be confronted and released. 

When you feel safe and supported, your essential nature can unfold and flower and
exhibit its magnificence.   As you release what hides inner strengths and siphons
personal power, you become free to be your true self.  To more fully express, create,
enjoy, and be effective.